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ILONA as a company

We help our customers to act smartly in their everyday life
- and to make sensible choices in their purchases

Ilona IT is a versatile partner for organizations that need help developing and maintaining a high-quality IT environment. We help before and during the acquisition, but above all after the acquisition. In our product selection, we have curated only industry-leading products, solutions and services that are suitable for use by Finnish educational institutions and companies.

Wide range of technologies needed for teaching and learning

Our customers are young children in early childhood education and researchers in higher education, and everything in between. We represent numerous software, devices and maker products for academic and information worker needs, not forgetting learners. Our solutions is growing all the time because we constantly receive good suggestions and tips from our customer network.

Support the use of technology with training - and their planning

Even the best technology needs guidance and support. With good planning, training and implementation support, we want to ensure the success of your investment. By cleverly combining local and remote training, as well as nearby support materials, we can offer the kind of support that different users need.

Working smartly online
In our operations, we have focused on sustainability and ethics from the beginning. Flexible digital working reduces e.g. direct environmental load, and increases individual well-being. We have helped our customers to become digital and work with network connections in a smart, versatile and pedagogically sound way. Our experts have experience working online for over 16 years, long before themes and zooms.

Network partnerships are important

A network-like operating model is a matter of course for us. We believe in the dynamism brought by partnership - in a complex world, we need a wide range of skills and, above all, clear, easily defined solutions. Our network includes competence development professionals as well as internationally leading managers.

Emill – a new digital service for your help

Ultimately, the true benefit of technology is realized only if it can be used sensibly. That's why we invest especially in developing the skills of our customers' personnel and supporting everyday life. Here we have the new Emill platform we developed as a key help. All our customers have access to the Emill community, where you can find both the best inspiration and support for daily problems and challenges. We Ilona people are there to help you!

The GDPR-library EU offers new help for everyday life

Every software or cloud service purchase starts with thinking "Is this GDPR safe?".

At Ilona, we want to ensure that customers are able to safely make the right purchases for their various needs. The "GDPR-library EU" -service compiles the technical facts of various programs and cloud services, so that customer-specific GDPR investigations and DPIA decisions can be made. This service will expand organically over time.

You will definitely succeed with us!

Welcome as our customer!



CEO, +358 400 412 158,

Ilona IT was founded in 2010 to primarily serve educational institutions and public administration organizations. Recently, we have been constantly expanding into the business side as well. This trend will continue in the next few years as our business grows, especially in our online services!

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